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2017 Front Range Airport car show/swap meet


May 27th - Front Range Airport in Watkins.  War Bird Air and Car Show with the CCCC Swap Meet.  Just like in past years except with about 30 War Birds flying in for the day.  Including two F 16's (they will not try to land this year).  Some P 51's also.  Last year they tell me there were over 800 cars.  They have fixed a lot of the problems with getting folks into the airport this year (extra traffic lane going in and not closing the airport so the F-16's can land).  No cost if you bring your Cobra (or Austin or Vette or Hot Rod or what ever cool car). 
They are also going to have the CCCC Swap Meet again.  I can rent a booth for the Mile High Cobra Club.  18 X 21 Feet.  I will be out of town on Saturday (Graduation in Nashville this year for Grand Daughter) If you would like to bring out your stuff, please let me know.  You will need to plan to bring your stuff either on Friday or Saturday early.  You will also want to bring a table to set it up on, a chair or two and some water.  Also bring a canopy for shade.   And if you have weights for the canopy that would be great.  It can and does get windy out there. If you bring stuff you will also have to work the booth some of the day.  You all can work that out during the day, but be sure and see the cool car show and air show while you are there.  My contact is 303-699-4819 and  If you are interested please let me know by May 1st.

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