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Some Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my Cobra Replica Registered in the State of Colorado?


This is older information so assume the State has updated various elements.  Also, a visit to the DMV and a request for a current "Kit Car" Title and Registration package will update you on the process.

It does take the various governmental entities awhile to process the forms. I have tried to make this as detailed as reasonably possible to help you with the process.  Be aware the State updates its procedures periodically.

These instructions are generally for the Denver Metropolitan Area. They should be similar in other counties.

Note: You will be making payment each time you need something, Checks will work fine, I do not recommend cash, you may need a record.

1.   Go to your local DMV office and get the forms for titling and licensing a Kit Car. They are referred to as "Procedure for Colorado Assigned Vehicle Identification Number". The package includes DR 2709, "What you need to do"; DR 2704 "Verification of vehicle identification number"; DR 2426, "Special identification number declaration of facts"; DR2539, "Title information request and receipt"; DR2408, "Application for Colorado assigned vehicle identification number"

2.  Collect your major receipts. Engine, transmission, body, tires etc. Put them in a folder that you will be carrying with you.  Also, include the MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin).

3.  The car does not have to be painted; you should be willing to drive it on the road. Car has to be safe and in roadworthy condition. Visit your local DMV office and request a temporary paper license for the purpose of getting your vin number verification on your kit car.  Have a letter or statement from your insurance carrier that you are covered.  The manufacturer sometimes has a vehicle number on the car frame and it should match your MSO paper work. The State Patrol will generally do the inspection. 

NOTE: you need a perjury statement on each of your receipts. The perjury statement is on the state forms just copy it all over the place and sign it.  If in doubt put it on the document.  If you don't do this they are going to say you need a bond.  A bond does not cost a lot of money but why go there?  Use the perjury statement and you will be okay.

NOTE: you will need pictures of the car to go with the application.  Generally one of each side, the front and back.

You can not title your car as a 1965 Cobra in Colorado. You also do not qualify for collector plates.  You will want to title it as a "Kit Car", which is only way to be emissions exempt.  The year of the vehicle on the title will be the current year you receive your title.  

4.  Once the forms are understood and filled out, you need an appointment with the State Patrol. In Denver you can call State Patrol at Camp George West and get a time. During the week the wait may be half an hour. On the weekend it could be a couple of hours. The cost is about $20. 

NOTE:  You will need a way of getting the car to the State Patrol, My Jefferson County Clerk  gave me a 1 day permit.  In other counties, the Clerk may or may not give you a permit. Some may require you to trailer the car. You will  need insurance to get a temporary permit.  More on that later. 

NOTE:  Make a copy of your forms because the State Patrol is going to keep the clerks forms. You want copies of everything. 

5.  In a few weeks the State Patrol is going to send you a letter telling you the paperwork has been approved. You have to get the car to the State Patrol for them to put the Colorado serial number on the car.  The State Patrol in their letter of approval to me said I could get a temporary permit. Show the letter to your local DMV office which will improve your chances of getting a temporary permit.  The State Patrol will put the Colorado VIN in the engine compartment, Some of the State Patrol guys will ask you where you want it, others won't, you can always talk with them about it.

6.  Once the State Patrol has installed the VIN tag on the car you are ready to go to the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Office in Lakewood, its on North Pierce Street.  If you are not in the metro area you can call them and ask where you can go closer to you.  You do not have to have the car there.

NOTE: Again, make sure that you have a copy of every thing!

7.  DMV, by my estimation, does maybe 100 new registrations for new built cars a year. They are not vary familiar with the process. You want a clerk that is knowledgeable  about doing these titles. Ask at the front desk or ask for a supervisor.

You will be asked to declare the vehicle value. Don't loose you head here and try to impress the clerk.  It must be reasonable to a minimum.  You will be paying tax on this value.  Don't try to low ball it either, remember you have asked to see a clerk that has done this before.

You will give the paper work to a DMV clerk, remember that you need the perjury certificate, ask the clerk to see if it is on every document that needs it, if it doesn't, put it on the form.

The DMV at the Department of Revenue will keep the paperwork for a while. Mine was 3 weeks, 8 weeks is not unusual.

8.  During this time work on getting insurance. If you have State Farm or Farmers, in Colorado they will insure a replica, other majors may as well.  A number of owner's have American National Insurance because they will do a "stated value policy" which will require an appraisal.  If the policy is not stated value, the insurer generally will depreciate the value over time.  Not great for these cars.  

If you are getting classic car insurance or commonly known by the name of show car insurance, read the policy. Ask a lot of questions. Most of these policies only cover you on the way to a show, at the show and that's it!!! No deviations to a restaurant or to a motel if you are out of town!  Be careful! I cannot stress enough that you may not have coverage. The insurance company is not going to cover a million dollar claim if they don't have too. They are not nice guys, if there is a way out they will take it.
9.  Once you have the paper work back from Motor Vehicle Title dept. and your insurance, take your paper work to your local DMV clerk. They are going to tax you on everything you have in the car.  Remember the more money you have put into the car the more you are going to be taxed.  Get a 60 day permit, it will give you time to do what you need to do next.

10.  Emissions. Not that bad or tough. Here's why I suggested that you title the car as a Kit.  Kit cars titled after July of 2007 are emissions exempt.
If you are not titled as a kit you will have to have a tail pipe sniff from the local emissions test facility if you are in a county that requires emissions testing. 

If you have a pre 1972 block State Health (Emissions) is going to apply the emission standards of that time. After 1972 you have to meet the applicable year standards. Generally, if you have a Fuel Injected engine, emissions is going to apply those standards, i.e. cat and maybe an air pump, the standards that you meet at the emissions station are going to be tougher.

If you have a carbed engine, and you have it looking like a pre 1972 engine then you will only have to have a PVC valve and if its old enough, maybe not even that. Make an appointment at State Health Emissions downtown on Second Avenue. It’s a red brick building. Give them a call, maybe a couple of weeks wait.

Emissions is going to look at the engine to see what standards it meets. They may look at the block numbers. If the car does not have a serpentine belt or an exotic ignition system or a fuel injection system it is probably going to get pre 1972 standards regardless of the year of the block.

They will punch your numbers into the state computer system and give you a printout of the standards you have to meet keep this form!
Meeting emissions is a matter of going to a local emissions station and have a sniff test performed.  I have heard that they have decided that Cobras don't go on the dyno due to liability issues.

For carbed or injected engines that means that they will stick a sniffer up the exhaust and a tach on the engine and you will have an idle test up to 1300 rpm and a higher idle test at up to 2400 rpm.
11.  When you pass, go to your local county clerks office with your paperwork and the emissions approval (if not exempt) and get your license plates.



I am thinking of buying and/or building a Cobra. Can you give me any advice?


We have some advice for you. Research before you buy.

Come out to some of our events and ask lots of questions. Even ask for a ride in a Cobra. You will not know what you are buying until you do ride in one. I would even advise you to ask for a ride for your wife or significant other.  We has seen Cobra’s with very low miles come up for sale because the owner and/or his wife/significant other did not like riding in it. 

We also advise you to not buy a car until you have researched the factory/manufacturer that builds the kit. You are spending a lot of money on the kit. Why not spend a little more and fly out to see who is building it? You can make sure that they really do have a factory and that they really are in business. While there, ask for a list of customers in your state to call and visit with. Not just happy customers – all customers.

We suggest asking a lot of questions and do a lot of research on what Drive Train you will be happy with. Not very many of us need 1000 horsepower, but you also do not want to be passed by very many KIA’s while you are driving a Cobra. Also remember that we are a mile high and get into the mountains quite often on our drives. Fuel Injection adjusts for altitude, carbs have a more limited elevation range.
You will also have to decide what you want your Cobra to do. Track, Street, Cruises, Car Shows, or everything? We have found that you can not get a Cobra to do everything and do it well. You have to give up something. Think about it. Research

Do you have the building skills to build it yourself? Do you want to drive something you built yourself? Does your wife/significant other want to ride in something you built your self? Do you have the money and tools to build it yourself? Do you have the money to have someone else build it for you?

The sooner you get your Cobra the sooner you can come play with the Mile Hi Cobra Club.


Do you have any suggestions as to Colorado insurance for a Cobra?


We recommend that you contact JC Taylor at or  1-800-345-8290.  They know what a Cobra Replica is and they insure them everyday.  They also pay claims if the Cobra Replica is wrecked.  You might save a few dollars at some other place, but how much is it worth to save a few bucks when you do not know if the company you are with will pay you when you need them.

The following have been recommended by some of our members:
Classic Auto Insurance (
Parish Heacock (
Condon Skelly  ( (800-257-9496)
Northeast Classic Auto Ins  (800-866-6440) Mike Smith
American Hobbyist (
American Insurance ( Tammy Perto
Continental Western Group (303-430-0770) Ted Montanye
Midwest Classic Insurance (888-271-4000) Robbin Terry

American National (800-CAR-BUFF)

Be sure and get agreed value - not stated value.  


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